Monday, 12 December 2011

Thanks For A Year Of Excitement =)

Sebab terlalu bosan, punye la korek2 file dalam hard disk, in case ade movie syok2 yg belum tgk..
Last2, jumpa la gmbr2 lame, gmbr2 time 1st year masuk UTM dl, time mude2 lg..hehe je last year..2nd year ni stress btol! Arggh! 

 Ni time awal2 sem, innocent lg ktorg..hehe

Mase MTM, letih benar! huh..

Apah, Fadz n Me =) dr 1st day ktorg dh rapat..ramai igt ktorg kwn sejak kecik..

1st time masuk studio kat B11 tu, excited..

Yeap, we loved each other very much!


Time gile2 depan webcam, padahal ngah tension praktis menari Bad Romance..nak challenge Lady Gaga, tu yg stress tu.
 riding hood..

  My good girls..

Jelajah 1SBQ, plg best time ni! Posing merate2..dgn penuh gelak ketawa..

Bunga! Bunga! Beli la bunga ni cik... huu..susah kot nak jual bunga.

Semua dah letih merewang sampai pg..

  Yes, they are my twin sisters..

Gempak Raya KRP!

Kalau stress, ni la keje ktorg..karok sampai xde suare!

Hasil artistik Deb time xde mood study

Kitty, Our baby...mane la die skrg..haihh..

Packing2 nak cuti 4 bulan..

Rindu nye blok lame ktorg..semua la tmpt kt semua jd rapat =)

Aktiviti terakhir sem lepas, jelajah hutan rekreasi UTM dgn SRC.

Karok lg..mmg hobi dorg2 ni

Tgk movie 3D dgn Suzie, Apah, Meon. Tp x igt tgk cte ape


Introducing...Last woman standing, the super extraordinary Asiah Farwin!

 Guess who's that warrior princess?

Menjelajah Pontian 

Persiapan SUTRA'11..letih tp best sbb semua buat kerja sama2..

Time mlm sbnr SUTRA..meja ktorg dpt lucky draw..yeehaaa!


 Decoration utk SUTRA, lawa kan??? mcm wedding dh..hehe 

Karya 'agung' Projek Tekno ktorg..
 Pameran Projek Tekno dgn Sir Hendra=)

  Majlis pelantikan JKM kot...hehe


Ktorg mmg rajin sebegini awal2 sem dl.. 

  Rindu pulak nak lepak dgn geng2 SRC.. tu pun ntah hilang ke mana..

Thursday, 8 December 2011

It's Everyone's Love Story!

 First Love. 
This is officially the best typical love story I’ve watched! It's a famous Thailand movie starring the very2 cute adorable super hot Mario Maurer & the pretty + drop dead gorgeous  Pimchanok Leuwisedpaiboon a.k.a Baifern (lebih kurang mcm ni la eja name die). 

That’s him!  (P'Shone)

And that’s her! (Nam)

How lovely are they? =)

Enough about them. Here how the story goes.... Okay, to be honest, this is just another story of high school romance..Nam, a plain girl who had a crush on her senior who happened to be the school's heartthrob, P'Shone. In order for P'Shone to notice her, she tried to change herself for better not knowing that P'Shone too had liked her since the very beginning. She studied harder, dressed prettier and improved herself in may different ways with the help of her best friends. 

BUT, what make this movie special are those little details, those sweet romantic but realistic scenes besides having Mario Maurer as the lead. Those scenes like when Shone too secretly adored Nam from the very beginning where he kept an album with pictures of Nam since she was the ugly duckling of the school until she turned into a pretty young lady. oh! when Shone left an apple with a short note for Nam. hehe..that was really thoughtful of him

This is the translated version of Shone’s note.
“Gave her an apple but I bit it”

Some memorable screen shots : -

“Love can win everything especially fear”

Here comes the heartbreaking part.. sob sob..

“Today I saw Top confessed to Nam. You know I’m hurting. Why is it our time never match?”

“Everyone of us has someone who is hidden in the bottom of our heart. And when we think of that person, we feel like there’s always a little pain inside. But we still want to keep that person. Even though I don’t know where he is today, what he is doing, I know that he is the one who taught me this.” - Nam

“Today I gave the rose to Nam. I said it was from my friend. It’s because I am tight-lipped”

P’Shone : “ This book is really funny, but It makes me know how much that you have tried. I want to tell you that you had succeeded since you began to do.”

Quoted by Nam : “I changed because I fell in love..he’s like the power that support me to be better and better.”

The plot seems familiar huh? That’s because it’s a love story for everyone. I believed that all of us could relate to this movie. I watched it, I loved it, and I’m inspired by it. 

Cinderella walked on broken glass, Belle loved a beast, Snow White barely escaped a knife, because love simply means facing your biggest fears.